The Many Sources of this Advice...



Before giving you any advice on how to prepare for CrossLinking, let me introduce myself. I am a market research professional who enjoys dinghy sailing, exploring the countryside and experimental cookery sessions. I am also a sufferer of keratoconus.


I have now undergone corneal CrossLinking three times (this denotes a certain degree of bad luck, as the picture to the right verifies, I only have two eyes!) I've had a couple of different types too (epi on and off)  as well as experiencing both private and NHS healthcare, so please get in touch if you'd like to ask about the pros and cons of either approach.


​Every time I have an operation, I wish that I was better prepared. Advice from my consultant is always fairly non-committal. Understandably, CrossLinking is a relatively new procedure and medical professionals do not have the kind of robust information they'd like to be able to pass on to us. In the absence of quantitative fact I have resolved to write a guide full of anecdotal advice (the next best thing!) from CrossLinking patients all over the internet to support anyone who has got a CrossLinking procedure upcoming. It also means that I can refer to my own collection of advice if, heaven forbid, a fourth op is necessary!


Good luck with all that is still to come for you,

Clare x


P.s. One more thing - I will keep this website free of any graphic eye-related images, so if you're feeling squeamish you can read on in confidence.

CrossLinking Patient